Petmorphs (Chapter 10-11)(The story)

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Petmorphs (Chapter 10-11)(The story)

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Chapter 10
Silvia held onto Shadowfire's neck as hard as she could manage without choking him. He glided down, not only frightening the soldier but the young boy as well. Silvia jumped off him and he morphed back into his wolf form. She pointed at the soldier but kept her hand there, not sending the signal to attack just yet.

"Were you trying to hurt this young boy?" She asked, her voice showing as much courage as she could master.
"No! I was just trying to nicely convince him to come with me!" The soldier remarked sarcastically. Shadowfire growled, "Can I kill him?"
"Not yet." Silvia replied, "Not until we ask this man to leave that kid alone."
"But... he bolted away just now."
"the kid!"
the soldier took the time to run as fast as he could, Silvia waved her hand in his direction and Shadowfire chased and killed the soldier by seizing his neck.

When he returned he made sure there was no blood on his mouth. Silvia began to search for the young boy and with Shadowfire's keen sense of smell and hearing he found the eagle that was flying with the boy, he morphed into a hawk and hopped on over, "Hey... are you going to come out? We wont hurt you..."
The eagle looked at him closely in the eyes and Shadowfire noticed a huge cut on the bird's right leg.

"Sora? Who is it?" Came a voice from the darkness of the trees.
The bird squawked, "Jamie! I think they are here to help."
"Tell them to go away!"
Silvia now was crouching next to Shadowfire and he perched himself on her shoulder, "We won't hurt you guys... We are nice... unlike the king and his... soldiers!"
"How do I know that you wont hurt us?"
"Well... we chased that soldier away... Isn't that good enough for you?"
"That's true." The eagle commented to his master.
"Well... OK."

The boy came out of hiding and the eagle perched on his shoulder, "I'm sorry I didn't come out earlier... but I don't know who to trust anymore..."
"I know what you mean." Silvia nodded, "I'm Silvia by the way! This is Shadowfire... we have been teamed ever since I was born."
"I'm Jamie, this is Sora... I adopted him when I was eleven."
"Wait... does that mean he is a feral petmorph?"
"Yes... well... not anymore... he is now a tame petmorph whom is cared for dearly."

Chapter 11
The eagle closed its eyes as if to grin with pride. Shadowfire sniffed the air around the petmorph, he was curious to know more about the pair... So was Silvia.
"What are you doing so far away from the city?" She asked politely.

Jamie looked away, Sora studied his master's eyes carefully. "I... I was running away."
Silvia managed to hide her feeling of sadness for him but Shadowfire whimpered a little and his ears folded back, he looked away towards the ground. "I'm sorry to hear that." Silvia replied, feeling rather sad.

Jamie cheered up, "Don't worry about it. I am getting stronger the more I stay away."
Silvia looked at him, surprised, "Don't you have someone to go to? To live with? Like family?"
Jamie grew angry rather quickly, Sora who was perched on his shoulder screeched loudly as Jamie clenched his fist, "Why do you care? We can take care of ourselves!"

Silvia was taken aback, Shadowfire was the only thing that showed her slowly growing anger, He growled and stood his ground as Silvia got prepared for her first fight. She replied between clenched teeth, "Sorry if I offended you, I didn't know."
"If you want to fight, Then so be it!"

He wont listen to me Shadowfire! We have no choice but to fight him.
I'm ready when you are.
But... His our friend.
WAS our friend... now we have to treat him like an enemy, If you want us to pull it through together.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Came a mocking call from Jamie. Sora morphed into a wolf, much bigger then Shadowfire and Shadowfire then began to fear this battle.
"Are you waiting for me to strike first?" He continued, "Very well... Sora? Verum Mak Onagona!" Sora howled and pounced at Shadowfire, He bounced back and as the two children tried tackling each other, he pounced and hit Sora's head with his paw.

Sora yelped out and Jamie lost a fair amount of his strength. Silvia kicked him off of her and flipped him to his stomach, she knelt on his shoulder blades driving his face into the ground and holding onto his hands in a headlock. Jamie struggled underneath her but being younger, he didn't have the strength to get her off.

Shadowfire landed on his paws then turned around to face Sora. His eyes widened as he saw Sora running at an extremely fast pace. He turned and tried to run but was knocked aside, the blow hit him under the chin, causing it to bleed.

Sora morphed into an eagle again and took off into the sky. Shadowfire took a quick glance at Silvia, she nodded before she was tackled by Jamie. Shadowfire made a howl, which frightened Sora. Jamie let go of Silvia, "Shadowfire."
Shadowfire glanced over, "Von?"
Lets teach them not to mess with us! Use the aqua tornado.

Shadowfire nodded he watched for Sora and spotted him, he waited for Sora to get closer. Sora dived down and when he was within reach, Shadowfire created a water tornado which battered Sora around, He jumped into it and began biting and tearing at the bird.

"Stop!" Jamie called. He was very close to fainting. Shadowfire stopped and Sora dropped to the ground helplessly.
"That's why you never challenge us." Silvia told him.
((Thanks! Chapter 12 coming soon.))
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